FAMU SAET + ACE Mentor “Lunch + Learn.”

Post Date: 02/26/2023 20:02

Riverside HS in Jacksonville hosted a FAMU SAET + ACE Mentor “Lunch + Learn.” The ACE Mentor Program of America (ACE) is an after-school program designed to attract high school students to pursue careers in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industry. The “Lunch + Learn” panelists were FAMU SAET Alumni Ennis Davis (ARC), Monique D. Brown (ARC), Marvin Fisher (EET), and Kayla Morrison (EET). Thank you Monique Bell!!!

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/famusoa/posts/pfbid02ei3m6gXdk3F4fTeMiT9ehWsf7kELQeihmL8TFp8FXHYbtsEy57t8D6coTRUgjEtyl

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